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November 13 - December 11, 2023

Halton Catholic Children’s Foundation (HCCF)

Fundraising goal: $25,000

We are an independent charity that has partnered with the HCDSB to help students overcome financial barriers to learning, which helps students succeed in school. Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed, but an achievement gap can form between students from low-income households and their peers.

The ability for a student to fully engage in their learning journey can make a huge difference in their learning success. In addition, social exclusion, shame, anger, stigma, low self-esteem, low confidence, and loss of hope are all issues related to student poverty. The ability to fully participate in their education alongside their peers alleviates some mental health challenges that accompany many of our HCDSB students in need.

“Thank you, this is truly incredible…makes me a bit emotional even. This money is going to make a massive difference for this family. They are truly struggling and this will bring joy and Christ-like love to a place of need and gratitude.”

– HCDSB teacher