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November 13 - December 11, 2023

Shifra Homes

Fundraising goal: $25,000

Hello, my name is Ashley and I would like to share my experience at Shifra Homes with you.

Less than a year ago I was nine months pregnant, homeless, and living in the forest. I had been struggling to find the support I desperately needed to have my baby. Meeting Nancy and the Shifra family changed my life forever! I was so scared to move but what I found was a home full of love and support not an institution like I was imagining.

From the moment I arrived I was treated with love, respect, and dignity. My daughter was born within days of my arrival. Shifra gave me a home and a family that I needed for myself and more importantly for my baby girl. I am so thankful for everything Shifra and Nancy have done and continue to do for us.