Community Classroom Online

Welcome to our online Community Classroom 2021! We are excited to provide some new material from some of our program partners. Be sure to check back regularly for new additions.



Painting, Crafting, Improv, Theatre, Dancing, Singing, and more. ArtHouse provides extracurricular arts education to students all over Halton. And, so that no one misses out on their dynamic brand of arts learning, the playlist below is full of exciting lessons for the kids, with new videos added regularly. Click on the drop-down menu at the top right of the video to see all the available lessons.

Art from the Heart

Aiden Lee is an abstract painter and a sixteen year old student. Aiden was born with multiple diagnosis; Autism, ADHD, Anxiety. He is an art advocate – an awareness magnet that believes in inspiring students all over Ontario with colour, design, shape and texture. So far he has taught art in 15 schools – over 3000 students with a program called, ‘Art From The Heart.’  To participate in one of Aiden’s art classes, visit the Virtual Classroom on his website for Art Basics.

The Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton

Dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion, supporting cultural development, and encouraging civic engagement, the CCAH has been bringing Caribbean music and education to the Community Classroom participants. With the children now learning from home, they are creating a series of informative and vibrant sessions. Introduce your kids to SteelPan 101.

Crash Rhythm

An alternative, dynamic and engaging approach to music education and exploration. CRASH uses bucket drumming to tie together teamwork, creativity and fun while also learning the basics of music, composition, rhythm and drumming.

Crash also has a weekly newsletter to help connect people with all their content,  in these videos are Quick Clips. These are small videos that can hopefully help teachers, especially music teachers, come up with rhythm based activities for their classes. All the quick clips will be posted on YouTube every week.

Halton Environmental Network (HEN)

In 2021 HEN launched its synchronous learning tools to provide a virtual learning environment for Grade 2 Students and allow for live classroom collaboration for distance learners. These free sessions help students understand climate change and how they can take action in their own lives. Click here to learn more and register!

HEN in partnership with Oakville Ready has put together fun family resources and activities for Community Classroom students and the entire family. Be sure to check out HENs entertaining and idea-stimulating custom home bingo card for a chance to win native seeds. Check here for Movie Parties and more.

Oakville Chamber Orchestra

For over 30 years the Oakville Chamber Orchestra has been exciting audiences with its passionate discovery of chamber ensemble music played in intimate settings with a particular focus on Youth Inspiring Youth. Click on an image below to watch the video.

Oakville Community Foundation

Check out this chat between Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean and Olympic Gold Medalist Donovan Bailey as they chat about high school, sports and Oakville!

Oakville Galleries

Oakville Galleries has launched new Community Classroom content to help students understand Abstract Views and Exploring Symbolism. They have put together downloadable lesson plans, a video lesson, and the workshop description.

Abstract Views Lesson

    1. Abstract Views Workshop Description
    2. Abstract Views Downloadable Lesson Plan 

Exploring Symbolism

  1. Exploring Symbolism Workshop Description 
  2. Exploring Symbolism Downloadable Lesson Plan

Create, engage, share! Come join Oakville Galleries educator Erica every Friday at 3:00 pm in Home Studio. You can follow her step-by-step videos to create your own at-home masterpieces!

Start here with Paper Weaving, and follow through to even more lessons on the Home Studio program page.

Taking inspiration from artworks by Louise Noguchi in the Oakville Galleries permanent collection, this art workshop will teach the technique of weaving and encourage the use of recycled paper to make interesting patterns and abstracted images. Weaving is one of the most ancient forms of creativity and design, and this activity will allow young artists to transform that craft into their very own masterpieces!

Oakville Galleries on Vimeo.


Oakvillegreen has launched new Community Classroom content to help students understand some of the different characteristics and needs of living organisms and how water quality affects their lives. Exploring different scenarios to showcase human impact on water quality and living organisms, the team share some ideas to help protect and conserve water and aquatic organisms.

After screening the video, encourage your children to explore streets with this activity guide and natural areas in their neighbourhood to identify suitable habitat for animals and possible human impact on the urban ecosystem.

Oakvillegreen wants you and your family to stay connected with nature, we just have to be more creative. They believe in the power of environmental education for building greener and stronger communities. Check their website for more resources to help you enjoy nature from home.

Oakville Museum

Oakville Symphony

For over 50-years the Oakville Symphony has been delighting audiences. As part of the Community Classroom program, they have have been opening up the world of music to young minds in new and innovative ways. Watch here as musicians from OS take you inside their craft.

Community Classroom is made possible by the Oakville Community Foundation in partnership with our program’s Connecting Sponsor Toronto Pearson and grade specific sponsors Ontario Trillium Foundation, and Sagen.