The Equality Fund

Updates Amid COVID-19 from Community Foundations Of Canada

The Oakville Community Foundation is proud to be part of the Pilot Fund for Gender Equality, alongside Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) and the Equality Fund, with support from the Government of Canada. The Foundation has joined 25 other community foundations throughout Canada to grant locally to projects that are working to drive transformation and create more equitable spaces for women, girls and trans Canadians.

In this first step with the Equality Fund, learnings will help guide the program development, including opportunities like grantmaking, capacity building and gender-lens investing. This collaboration between CFC and the Equality Fund also has three impact focuses:

Peace: Supporting women, girls and trans Canadians living free from gender-based violence
Power: Shifting economic, political and social power and autonomy over one’s body to increasing equality
Planet: Strengthening participation, leadership and climate justice for a more sustainable future

The Projects

During this Pilot Fund, The Foundation identified five local projects engaged in gender equality work and granted a total of $50,000:

Women’s Empowerment Workshops
The Women’s Centre of Halton

Voice of Change, Advocacy & Leadership (VOCAL)
SAVIS (Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Services)

Creating Gender Equity Through Education and Visibility
Oakville Public Library

Girls Linking Our Worlds (GLOW)
Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton

More About the Equality Fund

Launched in December 2019, the Equality Fund was created after the Government of Canada issued a call for the Partnership for Gender Equality. The Pilot Fund is a first learning opportunity as community foundations and local organizations come together to explore ways to support leadership in the women’s movement and advance gender equality in all communities.

Women’s organizations and movements throughout Canada, and across the world, are demanding equality and driving transformation in all facets of life. In Canada today, women, girls and trans Canadians continue to face barriers and discrimination of all types. In fact, Canada currently ranks #11 among all countries for women’s equality and general well-being.

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