Charity Microloans

As The Foundation moves into a new strategic plan in 2022, core to the plan is our adapting the Sustainable Development goals, and aligning our vision to a community Where No One is Left Behind.

The Foundation is pleased to announce that in the Fall 2021, a new Charity Microloan program was approved. This program enables up to $10,000 loans to local Halton Charities, for timely emergency bridge financing. These loans will be short-term 0% interest*, 1 year promissory notes, repayable at any time during the term. Given the urgent nature of the funding requirements, it is intended that the subject to approval, the processing of these loans take less than 30 days from date of application.   

Additional considerations include:

  • The Loan will not be in competition with commercial lenders. The deal is intended to be on better terms than a commercial lender to the borrower.
  • Projects will undergo due diligence by staff and The Foundation’s Impact Investment Committee will review to assess risk of borrower and repayment plans.
  • Micro-Loans with Indigenous or BIPOC content, focus or impact will be reviewed by members of these communities for need, appropriateness, cultural relevance and acceptability. 
  • Similar to a grant the borrower must submit a report on the impact of the grant upon repayment of the loan specifying the social impact of the loan. 
  • We are also pleased to extend this opportunity to The Foundation’s existing Donor Advised Fundholders, who may contribute a grant to the Charity Micro-Loan Pool.  For specific details on how this is managed with and for Fundholders, please contact Alison Moeller, Chief Financial Officer,

*A nominal rate will also be considered based on the risk profile of both borrower and deal.

For questions related to the Charity Micro Loan program contact .
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The Microloans directly tie to SDG# 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities